Saturday , February 13 2016


‘The Darkness’ Trailer – Kevin Bacon Battles Uncomfortable Racism

The Darkness

By this point, the practice of basing a horror movie around some distorted, not-in-the-slightest-bit-authentic riff on the practices and mythologies of other cultures really shouldn’t be a thing anymore. I mean, it’s 2015 for crimminy’s sake, movies about supernatural bogymen erroneously identified as “Native American spirits” should be viewed as ...

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Film Fury #47: ‘The Street Fighter’ is the Sonny Chiba show.


Sonny Chiba would go on to attain legendary status in martial arts cinema. His persona and acumen are still fondly cited today, decades after he put his stamp on the genre. Suffice to say that The Street Fighter is still consistently regarded as a high mark in his career, the movie that announced to any and all that were willing to pay attention that Chiba had arrived onto the scene. As far as street fighters are concerned, Ryo and Ken never knew what hit them.

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‘All-New Wolverine’ #5 is the best current superhero comic


There’s several books, particularly at Marvel, that can give All New Wolverine a run for its money when it comes to delivering fun and engaging humor, and there’s several books under the Batman group at DC that are exploring the toughest realities in a humane and nuanced way, but there aren’t any better at integrating both qualities into a single book. All New Wolverine is the pound for pound best superhero comic on the stands today.

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To Better Know an Anti-Hero: Deadpool

Deadpool Collage

Deadpool's road to super-stardom, from a 90s-riffic Liefeld character to movie star and perennial bestseller is an odd, almost-unprecedented one. Without a doubt the most successful (in terms of revenue-generation, multi-media exposure and overall popularity) solo Marvel character introduced after Wolverine, Deadpool was born amidst the dying gasps of New Mutants, a series that was being put to pasture in order to transform it into X-Force, a move intended to placate superstar artist Rob Liefeld by giving him a brand new series in which he could cut loose in EXTREME 90s fashion.

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Is It Too Late For ‘Blade & Soul’?

Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul released last month in North America and Europe. It’s one of the most popular MMORPGs in Korea, hailed for its PvP and martial arts aesthetic. But Blade & Soul originally came out in 2012, and it shows. The PvE experience is linear and a bit boring, making ...

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A New Rebellion Rises in Darth Vader #16


Darth Vader #16 Written by Kieron Gillen Art by Salvador Larocca Colors by Edgar Delgado Letters by Joe Caramanga Published by Marvel Comics Like the annuals of yesteryears, Darth Vader Annual #1 was seemingly a one-off story, self-contained and never to be revisited again. But it stood as arguably the best issue of the series’ ...

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