Saturday , April 30 2016


Confronting, Brutal and Grotesque: ‘Death Trash’ oozes Post-Apocalyptic Glamour

death trash 4

GRUNGE IS officially in. Ripped jeans, bleached hair, piercings and violence against a backdrop of sludge coated wastelands that reek of decay. This is the world of Death Trash, a game that dares to open Pandora’s box and explore humanity through a forbidden, anti-authoritarian lens, and it’s awfully intriguing. Developer Stephan Hövelbrinks is no stranger to game design, ...

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‘The Dark Knight III’ #4 is a superheroic mess with extra ISIS metaphors


Once again, the backup story outshines the main story in The Dark Knight III #4 as Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson provide some iconic imagery, especially in the scenes featuring the Atom and Superman's execution, but Frank Miller and Brian Azzarello's storyline jumps around and portray the characters not named Bruce Wayne, Carrie Kelly, or Ellen Yindel in an arbitrary way. Plus there is that always problematic Islamophobia, which is starting to set in as the Kryptonians call Batman an "infidel". Last time I checked, this wasn't Holy Terror.

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