Saturday , February 6 2016


Jae’s Top 5 Football Movies


Because the big game is coming I thought it would be fun to explore some of the movies that I think of when I think of football. Some of them are light and fun, others, however, challenge the strange relationship I have with the almost-embarrassingly violent game I love. When compiling ...

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“45 Years” is a devastating character study


Too often, filmmakers treat age as a character trait in and of itself. The elderly are depicted rarely in cinema, and, the few times that they are shown, their seniority often dominates their characterization to the point where anything else about them gets occluded. Some notable exceptions are Michael Haneke’s Amour and David Lynch’s The Straight Story, but films such as these are outnumbered by the bland Best Exotic Marigold Hotel films and their ilk. Most frequently, films mark their aged subjects as “old” and show little interest in them beyond that.

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‘Friday Noir #147: ‘Lady Gangster’ is mostly slight, but has an excellent leading lady


Lady Gangster is now practically long forgotten in the annals of film history, kept afloat by its existence in the public domain, hence readily available for any and all that wish to take a chance on it online. Frankly, there isn’t a bevy of ingredients operating in its favour, but the few that do truthfully make the film worthwhile, chief among the presence of leading lady Faye Emerson. In light of the burgeoning era of strong female leads, anyone interested in seeing what a movie from 1940s with an equivalent role is like would do well to check out Lady Gangster.

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