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8 Easter Eggs Hidden in ‘Source Code’

Recently on Sound On Sight radio, Simon, Derek and I had a heated arguement about Duncan Jones’ Source Code, with Simon actually defending a film for once. If you’ve seen the film or haven’t, I highly recommend taking a listen, but in the meantime you might also be interested in reading up on some of the Easter Eggs hidden throughout the movie. Jones recently sat down with Empire, and gave them a list of things to look out for. I would say I noticed about only half of what is listed. What about you?

Here are the eight things to look out for:

1. Pay attention to the opening title graphic for an early clue.

2. A little nod to Moon. Check Christina’s ringtone.

3. If you listen very carefully to Colter Stevens’ father, you may find you recognize the voice.

4. Look closely at the “bean sculpture” as the camera tracks in on Colter and Christina.

5. Notice that director Duncan Jones makes a cameo in the film – in the form of a coffee and doughnut shop.

6. Keep an eye on Captain Goodwin’s eye-line, for an important hint that will pay off later in the film.

7. Colter follows a man on to the train platform only to get into a fight. Perhaps he might have done better to look at the man sitting on the roof of the van in the background behind him.

8. Remember the shape of the cockpit window.

Via Beyond Hollywood

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