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For Kenneth Broadway, one bachelor’s degree wasn’t enough.  So after the four grueling years it took to earn his B.A. in English and three years more trying to figure out something to do with it, he ignored the prudent advice of some very erudite professors who encouraged him to go to grad school and instead enrolled in a film program at Full Sail University.  Fast forward two years and he has emerged a film school graduate knowing a little more about a lot of different facets of filmmaking, and more importantly, he knows more than ever what he knew when he entered film school in the first place.  He wants to tell stories for a living.  His academic life having revolved around books and movies, nothing thrills Kenneth more than a good literary adaptation (see Amadeus, The Remains of the Day, and The Lord of the Rings for examples).  A little magic in his movies makes him happy.  But you can keep your heavy-handed special effects; he will choose a quiet, anecdotal premise over explosive senselessness any day. In his spare time, he writes or he watches movies or he writes about watching movies, and that’s what brought him to Sound on Sight.

Downton Abbey, Episode 3.6


Downton Abbey, Episode 3.6 Written by Julian Fellows Directed by David Evans Many have lodged the complaint that Downton Abbey has established a trademark habit of introducing a problem one week only to resolve it by the following episode.  The slow burn is not exactly a technique the show has ...

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Downton Abbey, Episode 3.5


Downton Abbey, Episode 3.5 Written by Julian Fellows Directed by Jeremy Webb In classic British fashion, Downton Abbey generally utilizes wit and subtlety to get its point across, but in this episode, the gloves come off and no punches are pulled.  And Robert takes most of the pummeling. After half ...

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Downton Abbey, Episode 3.4


  Downton Abbey, Episode 3.4 Written by Julian Fellows Directed by Jeremy Webb All season long a dark clouds have hung threateningly over the Downton household, but thus far, our esteemed characters have managed to dodge disaster at every turn.    So naturally something drastic had to take place to remind ...

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Downton Abbey, Episode 3.3


Downton Abbey, Episode 3.3 Directy by Andy Goddard Written by Julian Fellows This episode of Downton Abbey dealt with an onslaught of separations.  The most obvious is the unfairly enforced, and getting tedious, divide between Anna and her imprisoned husband, Bates.  Bates has made enemies in prison, and they have ...

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Downton Abbey, Episode 3.2

DA - Edith

Downton Abbey, Episode 3.2 Written by Julian Fellows Directed by Andy Goddard As Downton Abbey is prone to do, its latest installment gave with one hand, took with the other, and dragged its feet on other matters best resolved sooner rather than later.  When Edith extols, “something happening in this ...

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Downton Abbey, Episode 3.1

Downton Abbey, Episode 3.1

Downton Abbey, Episode 3.1 Written by Julian Fellows Directed by Brian Percival Downton Abbey ended its ignominious second season with a Christmas special that seemed to redeem all the unnecessary melodrama of its sophomore year and revived a confidence in its faithful viewership that the show could move forward on ...

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‘Life of Pi’ – making the incredible believable


A major theme woven into Life of Pi's narrative is making the incredible believable. Can there be any metaphor more appropriate for the insurmountable challenge Ang Lee and his special effects wizards faced in bringing to life such a complicated story? And yet, the product stands as incontestable evidence of success.

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NYCC: The Boy Who Loved Batman

I remember attending a convention a couple of years ago that wasn’t a Comic-Con, but was a lot like it in its celebration of geekdom. There I attended a panel with some of my favorite Star Trek actors. It was one of the best panels I saw as far as ...

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Whedon reveals surprising fate of fan favourite Avengers character at NYCC

For those hardcore fans of The Avengers with active twitter accounts, this story hasn’t been news for the last few hours.  But those of you less in the know, you might be interested to hear that the blogosphere has received the answers to its prayers.  Clark Gregg, who played the ...

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NYFF 2012: Kinshasa Kids


Kinshasa Kids Written by Marc-Henri Wajnberg Directed by Marc-Henri Wajnberg Kinshasa Kids introduces a surreal and hostile world right from the start in its very first scenes. It opens with an exorcism ceremony. Amidst the frantic chanting and bombastic drumbeats, village priests intone their spells and try to channel demonic ...

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