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Michael Ryan is the Festival Director for the YoungCuts Film Festival ( Every year, we present our Top 100 Great Short Films by the World's Best Young Filmmakers 25 and under. We are now accepting submissions for the 2013 Festival. On his blog ( he very sporadically writes about YoungCuts, films, comics and his odd involvement in professional wrestling.

‘For Your Eyes Only’ is Moore at His Most Connery


For Your Eyes Only Written by Richard Maibaum and Michael G. Wilson, based on Ian Fleming’s short stories “For Your Eyes only” and “Risico” Directed by John Glen UK, 1981, You probably have never heard this before, but my favourite James Bond film of all time, For Your Eyes Only, ...

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‘The Human Race’ is essential viewing for fans of ‘Battle Royale’


Like Battle Royale, the 80 competitors react to their peril in a variety of ways. Some, like Eddie's best friend Justin (Paul McCarthy-Boyington) become heroes, bottling up the runners to try and save the old marine from being lapped. Others become in turn suicidal, philosophical, stir-crazy, cynical, violent, revealing their true selves in the crucible of their desperation.

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‘Escape From Tomorrow’ and The Air Pirates

Escape From Tomorrow

One of the most talked about films at this year’s Sundance Film Festival is Randy Moore’s Escape From Tomorrow. To shoot his film, set in Disney World, Moore purchased a season pass to the park and secretly filmed his actors without the park’s knowledge. There is no question that, at ...

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‘Promised Land’ Promises are All Lies

Promised Land Poster

Promised Land Written by John Krasinski and Matt Damon, based on a story by Dave Eggers Directed by Gus Van Sant 2012, USA, imdb,  Josh Spiegel’s much more positive review I walked out of the theatre disliking Promised Land and the more I reflect on the film, the less I like it. ...

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I Am El Generico’s Father

El Generico with streamers

The corner of the Internet occupied by Independent Wrestling exploded this week when it was reported that Montreal-based independent wrestler El Generico had signed with the WWE. What the “dirt sheets” (i.e. the wrestling news and rumour web-sites) are currently reporting is that, “El Generico has not signed a WWE ...

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First Image from New Pixar Short ‘The Blue Umbrella’

The Blue Umbrella featuring Blue and Red

One of the best things about a new Pixar film being released is that they are always accompanied by a new Pixar short! As a lover of short films and a lover of animation, there is nothing better. Here is the first still from The Blue Umbrella the new Pixar ...

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Mike’s Top Feature Films of 2012

Lincoln movie

Since I started writing for Sound on Sight during Fantasia 2011, 2012 was my first full year of writing for the site. I started the year by joining Josh on the Mousterpiece Cinema Podcast. During the year I attended Fantasia for the 15th time in 16 festivals and I attended ...

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Best of Mousterpiece Cinema 2012

Sadly, we have no Ducksterpiece Theatre Images.

Josh brought his Mousterpiece Cinema podcast to Sound on Sight this time last year, starting by reposting his older podcasts beginning with his very first podcast about Cars 2. One of Ricky D‘s constructive criticisms for Josh on joining the site was that his best podcasts were the ones where ...

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5 Broken Cameras is a Found Footage Horror Documentary


5 Broken Cameras Written by Guy Davidi Directed by Emad Burnat and Guy Davidi 2011, Occupied Palestinian Territory/Israel/France/Netherlands, imdb, RIDM I walked into the RIDM screening for 5 Broken Cameras with trepidations and I walked out with questions: trepidations about the subject of the documentary and the way that it was ...

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The Age of Shoddy: Marilyn, Hitchcock, FDR and Lincoln


My Week with Marilyn Written by Adrian Hodges, based on the books My Week with Marilyn and The Prince, the Showgirl and Me by Colin Clark Directed by Simon Curtis 2011, imdb, Josh Slater-Williams’ review, William Bitterman’s review Hitchcock Written by John J. McLaughlin, based on the book Alfred Hitchcock ...

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