Doctor Who Podcast Episode 30: ‘Dinosaurs on a Spaceship’

Doctor Who Showrunner and head writer Steven Moffat has been promising a break from his trademark twisty-turvy, timey-whimey story arcs in favour of a more straightforward series full of spectacle, thrills and slutty titles.  So did episode two of Series Seven live up to expectations?  Find out as Derek, Eric and Beverly embark upon “Dinosaurs on a Space Ship”.


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Derek Gladu has no business being on air. A charlatan, mountebank and dastard, this native Montrealer and graduate of Concordia University’s Film Production Program dreams of the day that History will absolve him of his crimes. As of early 2013, History has not returned any of his phone calls. Derek Gladu has worked on a variety of commercial and independent productions for film and television, and has contributed to the Montreal Gazette. Derek became a full time co-host for Sound on Sight Radio in Mid 2010, and is the host of the Doctor Who Podcast for Derek Gladu just recently finished this biography, and wishes he called his Mother more. Derek can be reached at [email protected]