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Helix, Episode 1.10: “Fushigi” reveals more about Dr. Walker’s condition

Kyra Zagorsky, Billy Campbell
Kyra Zagorsky, Billy Campbell

Helix, Season 1, Episode 10: “Fushigi”
Written by Misha Green
Directed by Jeremiah Chechik
Airs Fridays at 10 PM on Syfy

The absence of the Narvik virus during the activities of Day 9, as well as the worsening of Dr. Jordan’s condition, both weighed heavily on the CDC team as well as Dr. Hatake. Despite the numerous other threats that the group has been exposed to since the CDC touched down at Arctic Biosystems, the imminent danger of the Narvik virus has been an ever-present concern, making the theft of it worrisome. This week’s episode focuses on Dr. Farragut and Dr. Walker’s attempts to retrieve it, in another compelling outing that reveals more about the central characters and their relationships to each other.

The reveal of silver eyes indicating immortality is an intriguing one. For all the hints that have been dropped about nefarious and illegal activities at Arctic Biosystems, the declaration of immortality is the first real clue that the experiments at the facility have actually yielded something concrete. Immortality is a big find, and it explains both why Dr. Hatake and Constance had silver eyes, as well as why Constance insisted Dr. Walker was Ilaria property. This information also casts Dr. Walker’s recovery in a new light, as there’s a possibility that Dr. Hatake didn’t inject Dr. Walker with a mutagen, but that it was Dr. Walker’s death from the Narvik virus that triggered her immortality. This raises additional questions about the true nature of the immortality, and whether Dr. Walker has it due to being Dr. Hatake’s daughter, or if she was also subjected to experimentation in her younger days. It will also be intriguing to see how Dr. Walker copes with the knowledge of her immortality. Dr. Jordan’s theory about her cancer being cured with the help of Dr. Walker’s spinal fluid opens one possibility, but also a dangerous one. If it’s successful, Dr. Walker will have the ability to eradicate major illnesses, but the threat of Ilaria is far from over. How Julia deals with this dilemma will be worth keeping an eye on.

Jordan Hayes
Jordan Hayes

The conversation between Dr. Jordan and Dr. Hatake is a compelling insight into what drives both scientists. Throughout the discovery of what truly goes on at Arctic Biosystems, the question of why is something that hasn’t been raised. While Constance’s motivations were made clear during the events of Day 7 and Day 8, it was also clear that Dr. Hatake had been drifting away from Ilaria and Constance’s ideologies for some time. The pursuit of scientific discovery, however, fits in with what we’ve seen from Dr. Hatake, and adds another dimension to the character. It also makes him a kindred spirit with Dr. Jordan, and if she survives her tumour, it will be intriguing to see if she still feels the same way about Dr. Hatake. It’s clear this week that much of what has driven Dr. Jordan’s scientific pursuit is the desire to leave a lasting impression before she dies. If she is to survive her tumour, however, the possibility that she’d lost her motivation is strong, and it will also be worth watching to see if Dr. Hatake or Dr. Farragut help her re-discover her passion for research. If it’s Dr. Hatake who succeeds, there’s also a possibility that Dr. Jordan may choose to stay at Arctic Biosystems instead of returning with the CDC, and how she comes to her final decision has the possibility of being an intriguing dilemma.

Overall, this is another solid episode, and one that manages to continue to ratchet up the tension. It’s good to see Dr. Farragut and Dr. Walker interacting with each other independent of external factors, and this week provides a significant amount of insight into their relationship. The knowledge that it was Dr. Hatake’s experimentation on the Inuit children that drove him and his wife apart also adds another layer to the story of Daniel and his family, and brings into light the question of what happened to the rest of the children. It also explains the paternal nature in which Dr. Hatake has treated Daniel. It will be interesting to see, with Arctic Biosystems now clearly against Ilaria, whether Daniel can convince Dr. Hatake to help the Inuit fight off anyone who comes after them going forward. It would certainly be fascinating to see how Anana treats Dr. Hatake if they’re both reluctant allies in the fight against Ilaria, and it would also give Dr. Hatake another opportunity to atone for the things he regrets doing in the pursuit of science. Peter’s evolution with the Narvik in his system continues to be intriguing, as he actually speaks to Dr. Hatake this week, and clearly recognises Dr. Walker, indicating that the old Peter Farragut is still present. It will be worth keeping an eye on the other vectors as the days at the facility progress to see how they react to the changes that Peter is undergoing now. Daniel’s takedown of the sniper once again proves his capabilities, and it’s good to see him interact with Dr. Farragut and Dr. Walker. Dr. Walker’s theft of the Narvik virus is also a promising storyline, and it will be worth seeing how Dr. Farragut and Dr. Hatake react to this information. How Dr. Jordan’s treatment turns out, as well as what are the next steps for Sergio and the Inuit, and how Daniel factors into their next steps will be worth keeping an eye on as the season continues.

– Deepayan Sengupta


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