Wednesday , May 4 2016
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David Lynch Special – ‘Mulholland Drive’

In what turned out to be one of the most epic conversations in SOS history, Ricky, Simon and Edgar are joined by David Lynch superfan and friend of the show Kate Rennebohm for a two-part dissection of the man’s last two films: 2001’s Mulholland Dr. and 2006’s Inland Empire. Discussed: rabbits, the Lincoln assassination, the significance of doorknobs, yelling at Laura Dern, and many, many more odd tangents.



David Lynch – “Ghost of Love”

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  1. Great discussion of my favourite film — and I definitely like Kate’s insistence on deflecting the often-accepted reality/fantasy interpretation of the structure

    here’s one of those endless articles on the movie (although it contains a multitude of opinions, expressed by a number of my favourite interlocutors —


  2. i was really excited to listen to both parts of this podcast but after listening twice, the audio cuts out about 20 minutes in, tried downloading and that doesn’t work, tried to listen on itunes and that doesn’t work as well :(

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