Sound on Sight Radio #204: Mother’s Day


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Yes, we know it was last week, but thanks to the rerelease on DVD of the schlocky Troma horror flick Mother’s Day, we here at Sound on Sight devised a novel way to pay tribute to our dear matriarchal holiday: the rest of the hour is devoted to the greatest movies ever made…according to our mothers. As a result, we’ll be talking about Hitchcock’s freaky 1964 psychological thriller Marnie, Terence Malick’s 1973 debut Badlands, and the Judi Dench-starring 2001 biopic of Alzheimer’s-stricken author Iris Murdoch, simply entitled Iris.

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Emiliana Torrini – Gun
Tindersticks – Mother Dear
Mission of Burma – Red
Low – Murderer
British Sea Power – Remember Me


  1. I can note that I am a mother, I listen to the show, and in fact I did listen to some episodes of Sound On Sight while I was in labor. Now I listen when I take the kid on walks.

    I feel like I’ve seen Mother’s Day a long, long time ago. But I’ll have to check it out again. But don’t you think a Mother’s Day show should really include the Its Alive trilogy? That said, I did enjoy all of the mom choices… very interesting.

    • Congrads Alyssa ! I am so happy for you. If I was on the show I may have influenced my mom to pick It’s Alive. Anyhow one day we will have to review this on Sordid Cinema!

  2. Dude you need to bring me Mother’s Day. After hearing your review I need to see it. I can’t believe Detroit compared it to Jean Cocteau? And you said it was better than Friday the 13th — BOLD STATEMENT – NICELY DONE!