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Week in Review: Vin Diesel assures ‘Furious 7’ will win Best Picture


Don’t you hate that each year Awards Season seems to creep ever earlier in the calendar year? GOD! Can’t you just go one film festival without speculating whether it will be an Oscar contender, or whether it has the legs to survive such an increasingly long awards season? Geez, I ...

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Week in Review: Tommy Wiseau teases a prequel to ‘The Room’ in Reddit AMA

The Room - Johnny

Week in Review rounds up the past week in film news in one easy place. Check back this weekend for round-ups for TV and gaming.   Oh Hai Tommy Wiseau. You’re making something of a comeback, aren’t you? Several months back we reported that you were working on a TV ...

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Week in Review: Academy considering move back to 5 Best Picture nominees


The experiment has failed. The Oscars simply don’t work. And no, I’m not just continuing to vent my frustration over Boyhood losing. For the last six years, The Academy has experimented with a different number of Best Picture nominees, starting with 10, then a variable number between five and 10 based ...

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Nintendo’s Twist on the 2015 Academy Awards


In anticipation of the Academy Awards this weekend, Nintendo has come up with its own strange twist on the event. In order to celebrate the 2015 Oscar nominees, they’ve decide to address who they believe should walk away with one of the statuettes – that is for imaginary categories. This ...

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Charlie Chaplin’s first Oscar was reportedly stolen

Modern Times: Charlie Chaplin's Tramp in the Gears

Is there an Oscar thief on the loose? And if so, where do you pawn those off at? Leo DiCaprio’s house? The New York Times reported on Monday that the first Oscar won by Charlie Chaplin, an Honorary award which he won for The Circus in 1929, had been stolen. ...

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The Hype Cycle: Oscar Nominations One Week Removed

american sniper 2014

One week removed from the Oscar nominations, we’re still recovering from #OscarsSoWhite-gate, and the consensus seems to be that if only the Legos were white instead of yellow they would’ve been nominated after all. But really the conversation has started to move toward Hollywood rather than the Oscars, and how ...

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Honest posters for this year’s Oscar-nominated movies

boyhood (1)

This year’s Oscar nominations are in, which means a ton of people are making parody posters for several of the nominated films.Below are just some of my personal favourites that I’ve found over at The Shiznit and at College Humor. Check out their sites to see more.

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Predicting the 2015 Oscar Nominees

Oscars 2014

The Oscar nominations are nearly upon us! Can you feel the excitement in the air? I can tell you’re just buzzing. Perhaps you should be, because however small it is, the announcement of Thursday morning’s Oscar nominations will be a historic moment. All 24 categories, not just a select few, ...

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Week in Review: Fallout from the canceling of ‘The Interview’


If you want to get the trades talking about something other than the Oscars for a little while, consider creating a giant controversy and terrorist conspiracy threat in which a Christmas Day comedy release is completely canceled and gets all of Hollywood calling the act a disgraceful injustice that effectively ...

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The Hype Cycle Week 6: The Long Road Ahead


This week at the end of October is the point in the Oscar race where pundits begin spinning their wheels. The festivals are over, the critics’ awards haven’t started yet, and no new movies are arriving, leaving little to actually go on in terms of new predictions. Keep in mind, ...

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Week in Review: ‘No Jokes’ in DC movies


We can debate all day which comic book hero is cooler: DC or Marvel? Superman or Spiderman? Justice League or The Avengers? Batman or anyone who isn’t cool enough to be Batman? But it’s no question that Marvel has a serious leg-up on DC in the movie business. Outside of ...

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Hey You Geeks!! Podcast# 32: Meh About Fall Movies

215783-Birdman header

Fall movie season is right around the corner. This week, we take a look through the slate of movies coming this Fall in search of anything exciting coming from the genre world. Unfortunately, the pickings are slim, with a few movies we’re excited about (Mockingjay, Birdman, The Zero Theorem, Interstellar), ...

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