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Wes Craven’s Best Scenes


This series will be split into four posts starting with his films from the 1970’s and moving on to his Nightmare on Elm Street series before finishing with the Scream franchise. In between I will look at some of his other work as well.  **** 10. Scream – The Opening ...

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How Wes Craven Taught Me to Love Horror


Wes Craven's horror films were as intelligent as they were scary, and they helped influence the movies for years to come.

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2011: A Year of Uprooting and Rebooting Eras


Remakes, “re-adaptations”, and “re-imaginings” have been a frequent occurrence in cinema throughout much of its history, alongside the franchise “reboot” concept that has become particularly commonplace in the last decade. 2011, however, saw a rather curious trend of remakes of films and TV shows, either formerly original concepts or previous ...

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Best Horror Films / Thrillers of 2011


Filmmakers have continued to push boundaries and find new innovative ways to elicit the emotions of fear, disgust and horror from viewers. Since Alfred Hitchcock directors strived to provoke viewer’s nightmares, hidden fears, revulsions and terror of the unknown. Although a good deal of it is about the supernatural, others ...

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Score At The Half – Hollywood: Zero, Audience: Even Less

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2

Hollywood needs a hit Actually, Hollywood needs a bunch of hits. Actually, Hollywood needs a bunch of big, fat, through-the-roof hits. And with the summer – and the year – half over, the time to come up with them is running out. The movie business finished 2010 with the second highest domestic ...

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‘Scream 4′ is bloodier, smarter, better and just plain scarier than all three before it


Scream 4 Directed by Wes Craven Screenplay by Kevin Williamson 2011, USA This isn’t a comedy, this is a horror movie. People live, People die, people run, but more importantly people scream in Wes Craven’s fourth installment. In horror’s most self-reflexive and in some ways most successful horror franchise, Scream ...

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Four More Looks at ‘Scream 4’

Four new images from Wes Craven’s Scream 4 have appeared online, for anyone who may be interested. Here is the official plot synopsis for the film: In Scream 4, Sidney Prescott, now the author of a self-help book, returns home to Woodsboro on the last stop of her book tour. ...

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Three New Clips from ‘Scream 4’ – New Decade, New Rules

Below are three new clips from the latest installment in director Wes Craven’s Scream franchise, which stars Neve Campbell, David Arquette, Courteney Cox Arquette, Emma Roberts, Rory Culkin, and Hayden Panettiere. The film opens April 15th. Here’s the official synopsis for Scream 4: Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell), now the author ...

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New ‘Scream 4′ TV Spot and New Images

A new TV spot and some photos from Wes Craven’s Scream 4 were released online recently. Official plot synopsis: In Scream 4, Sidney Prescott, now the author of a self-help book, returns home to Woodsboro on the last stop of her book tour. There she reconnects with Sheriff Dewey and ...

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Tuesday Poster Round-Up

We are trudging through more muck and mire folks. The Oscars are over, and there are very few promising films on the horizon until the summer movie season begins, as I’ve discovered, the same can be said for poster art. Despite my searching there are very few good posters out ...

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