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The Televerse #74- Blackadder with Les Chappell


TV’s midseason changeovers have started to occur and this week on the podcast, we take a look at several of them, including the finales for Parenthood, American Horror Story: Asylum, and Last Resort and the premiere of Spartacus: War of the Damned. Also discussed during Our Week in TV are the Tuesday Comedies (Ben and Kate, New Girl, The Mindy Project, Cougar Town), Justified, Top Chef Seattle, The Kroll Show, Supernatural, the Thursday Comedies (30 Rock, Parks and Rec, Archer), The Vampire Diaries, Bob’s Burgers, Girls, The Good Wife, and Bunheads. Then we head over to the DVD Shelf, where we welcome Les Chappell of the AV Club and This Was Television to help us break down the British comedy classic, Blackadder.

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About Kate Kulzick

Kate is a violinist by day, TV-aholic by night, and film geek by somewhere around dawn. While attending UIUC, she earned a Masters Degree in Violin Performance and a Schrute Buck in a Pop Culture Trivia Contest; of the two, so far only the latter has hung on her wall. Her favorite movies are The Princess Bride, Casablanca, and The Third Man and her favorite TV shows are Buffy the Vampire Slayer, The Wire, and Arrested Development.

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  1. I’m not watching The Following per your recommendation, which leaves room for Bunheads (and my favorite guilty pleasure Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.) I think these are quite the opposite of The Following, more women’s programming than women-dying programming.

    When I checked the credits for the last episode of Bunheads, I realized that Michelle’s brother was played by Sutton Fosters brother, Hunter Foster (who I saw in the original B’way production of Urinetown, The Musical!)

    I’m totally bored with The Vampire Diaries, and this after I watched all first three seasons over the summer. I hate to stop watching… :-/

    I agree with Simon and found the American Horror Story finale more satisfying than I expected. A few episodes back, I loved Jessica Lange’s performance of the song Name Game. Really showed the difference between lightness and dreariness of Briarcliff. And to have Sarah Paulson as the last person standing was kinda cool.

    Lena Dunham’s nudity in Girls IS all over the place and makes me laugh – especially when she says she’s just 11 pounds overweight. I like that she’s comfortable with it. And I like the addition of Andrew Rannells, and hope we see more of Jon Glaser.

    I read that this week’s episode of The Good Wife was its lowest rated episode. But I really liked Alicia this week maybe more than ever! When she learned that she may have only been asked to be a partner just to get her money you can see a change come over her. When she goes around “thanking” all of the partners it was so fake and as you say “hollow” and then the drained look on Diane’s face to her reaction is priceless. I still don’t want Alicia to end up with Peter…

    The episode of Do No Harm has been on (Comcast) On Demand for the last two weeks so I checked it out. I liked Steven Pasquale from Rescue Me and know that he’s a theater actor, so having said that, he’s probably the best part of the show. The concept gets a little shaky when they try to stick to the 8:25am-8:25pm on-off personality change. And now that the medication isn’t working the evil personality wants revenge. This will probably be a guilty pleasure until they cancel it. (And it takes place in Philadelphia! A friend saw the crew filming an episode in the city. He called me and got Steven Pasquale to say “Hi” to me in the voice-mail message. Made me laugh.) :-)

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