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Video of the Day: Watch a dialogue-free modern take on DC superhero Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

The superhero film genre has seen an explosion on the big screen over the past decade, with an increasing number of films entering multiplexes each summer as they have, by and large, proven financially lucrative for studios. While Marvel has led the way in movie adaptations of its most famous characters, DC Comics has also seen recent successful big screen versions of both Batman and Superman, two of their most well-known figures. DC’s equally famous Wonder Woman, however, has been a notable absence on both the big and small screen, with the 70s interpretation by Lynda Carter standing as the unchallenged version of the character. While fans eagerly await a big-budget look at the superhero, Rainfall Films has put their own spin on the character in a short film, which can be seen below.


(Source: Nerdist)


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