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Video of the Day: Watch the first episode of Vincenzo Natali’s ‘Darknet’


Filmmaker Vincenzo Natali made a name for himself among genre fans with his debut feature Cube, making the transition from years of storyboard work on shows such as Beetlejuice and The Adventures of Tintin. Earlier this year, however, Natali made a move away from theatrical content, as his first feature since 2009’s Splice, titled Haunter, saw a release to On-Demand platforms concurrently with a limited run on the big screen. Now Natali has made a more concrete shift, with the tv series Darknet. Working with producer Steve Hoban, best known for Ginger Snaps, the first episode of the series has been released online ahead of the show’s premiere in January, and can be seen below.


(Source: Shock Till You Drop)


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