2010 Sound On Sight Staff Awards

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This December the Sound On Sight website will officially be two years old. In a short span of time we have quickly grown in popularity across the globe and certified a strong respected critical voice. Although most of us are not actual film critics but rather movie buffs, our team has time and time again exceeded any expectations in providing work of quality not quantity.

The Sound On Sight Staff Awards is not meant to be seen as a competition between our contributors. Instead it is really a way to say thank you to everyone who worked so hard. It is also meant to showcase some of our best work from the past twelve months. Here are the nominees. The winners will be announced on the 250th episode of Sound On Sight coming in December.

2010 Sound On Sight Staff Awards

Most Valuable to the Sound On Sight Radio Show

1-Simon Howell

2-Al Kratina

3- Derek Gladu

4- Justine Smith

5- Ricky D

Best Critique On Air for Sound On Sight Radio

1- Detroit Burns

2- Derek Gladu

3- Al Kratina

4- Simon Howell

5- Chrystina Benyo

Best Sound On Sight podcast

1- Sound On Sight Radio #219: Scott Pilgrim vs. the World / Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil

2- Sound On Sight Radio #214: Montreal Hipster Xavier Dolan

3- Sound on Sight Radio #200 Anniversary Show: Kick-Ass

4- Sound on Sight Radio #197: Director Noah Baumbach

5- Sound On Sight Radio #188: Director Martin Scorsese

Best Sordid Cinema podcast

1- Sordid Cinema Podcast #17: Director Gaspar Noé

2- Sordid Cinema Podcast #14: Fantasia 2010: Serbian Mayhem

3- Sordid Cinema Podcast #12: Fantasia 2010: I Spit On Your Grave / Predators

4- Sordid Cinema Podcast #10: Splice & Other Canadian Horror/Sci-Fi Films

5- Sordid Cinema Podcast #4: Faster Pussycat! Kill! Kill!!

Most Valuable Film Critic

1- Dave Robson

2- Simon Howell

3- Justine Smith

4- Emmet Duff

5- John McEntee

Best Film Review

1- Fantasia 2010: A Serbian Film : Justine Smith

2- 54th BFI London Film Festival: Never Let Me Go – John McEntee

3- Stonewall Uprising – Jonathan Youster

4- TIFF 2010: Black Swan – Simon Howell

5- Catfish – Emmet Duff

6- Les Amours Imaginaires – Marianne Perron

7- Fulgurant Families: Incendies – Zornitsa Staneva

Best Column

1- Undertones

2- Ace In The Hole

3- The Playlist (Soundtracks)

4- The Auteurs

5- Hidden Gems

Best Columnist

1- Bill Mesce

2- James Merolla

3- Clare Nina Norelli

4- Kaitlin McNabb

5- Ricky D

Best Blog Article

1- The Career Of Robert Evans – Tom Jarvis

2- Claude Chabrol Retrospective – Susannah Straughan

3- Armageddons On A “B” Budget – Bill Mesce

4- All Hail The King – Bill Mesce

5- Don And Dirty: The Career of Don Siegel – Bill Mesce

Most Valuable Newcommer

1- Erin Vandzura

2- Bill Mesce

3- Justine Smith

4- Al White

5- James Merolla

Best News Reporter

1- Ricky D

2- Erin Vandzura

3- Joshua Youngerman

4- Tyler Schirado

5- Kyle Reese

Best Film Festival

1- Fantasia Film Festival – Montreal

2- Toronto International Film Festival

3- BFI London Film Festival

4- Fantastic Fest – Austin Texas

5- Festival Du Nouveau Cinema – Montreal

Best Individual Film Fest Coverage by a Sound On Sight Critic

1- Justine Smith – Fantasia

2- Al White – FrightFest

3- John McEntee – 54th BFI London Film Fest

4- Emmet Duff – Fantastic Fest

5- Dave Robson – Toronto After Dark

Best Film Fest Coverage by a team of Sound On Sight Critics

1- Dave Robson / Nigel Hamid – Toronto After Dark

2- Simon Howell / Ricky D / Jonathan Youster / Justine Smith / Al Kratina – Fantastia

3- John McEntee / Al White – Frightfest

4- Justine Smith / Simon Howell / Ricky D – Festival Du Nouveau Cinema

5- John McEntee / Susan Straughan / Al White – 54th BFI London Film Festival

Most Original Article

1- Top 5 Manic Pixie Dream Girls – Joshua Youngerman

2- Ten Great Australian Films You May Not Have Seen – Dave Robson

3- Top Ten Mexican Standoffs – Christopher Clemente

4- Saul Bass: Five from the 60s – Susan Straughan

5- Top 10 Movie Titles And Concepts That Are So Ridiculous and Shamelessly Blatant, They Are Nothing Short Of Brilliant – Nicole Calabria

Special Mention

1- Chris Clemente for his awesome work in graphic design

2- Renato Da Conceicao for his excellent work as our webmaster

3- Simon Howell for working over time in editing articles and reviews

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