SDCC 2012 TV Recap: Thursday

Thursday started off quietly, TV-wise, but kicked into gear in the afternoon, with panels in several different rooms. Here’s a glimpse at some of what Day One had to offer-



Moderated by Tim Omundson, the Psych panel was the most cohesive and smoothly run of the day. It was a laid-back lovefest, with James Roday and Dulé Hill getting most of the questions and bursting into song at least three times. After a trailer for the upcoming season 7, including a look at the highly-anticipated Clue-themed 100th episode, Omundson introduced the cast and rattled off a series of questions to them, leading to such revelations as the fact that Roday and Maggie Lawson are instantly melted by cute dogs and Dulé Hill can sleep anywhere (with photographic evidence). After opening it up to audience Q&A, a few fans played a Psych trivia game for some swag, creator Steve Franks sang a few bars from the upcoming two-hour musical episode, and Omundson plugged next year’s book release, Psych’s Guide to Crime Fighting for the Totally Unqualified. After going back to a final few fan questions, the panel ended with a clip reel, “100 Episodes in 200 Seconds”.


Due to timing, I missed the first half of this panel, which was a screening of one of Wilfred’s upcoming episodes, and only made it in for the Q&A portion. The creators and Elijah Wood fielded a majority of the questions, showing themselves to be good sports, as well as incredibly funny. Moderated by Alan Sepinwall, the panel stayed pretty well on track as the questions veered from the thematic and creative, with creator Jason Gann describing his take on how the original Australian show relates to the current American version, to the more obscure, with one fan referencing North with his pitch to bring Bruce Willis onto the show. This panel was followed by…


Moderated by Damian Holbrook, this panel was definitely Not Safe For Work. Or for the young kids smattered through the audience. No one got too offended by the content, though- we were laughing too hard to care. The panel opened with a special message from Sterling Archer, who dropped in to give the crowd advice on how to lose their virginity during the Con and to spoil the entire upcoming season, unsuccessfully. After that, we were treated to an episode from the upcoming fourth season, which premieres next year. The panel kicked off with Holbrook asking the cast and creator Adam Reed various questions about the upcoming season, as well as creative and recording process. Then, after H. Jon Benjamin broke the panel and Holbrook for a solid 4-5 minutes, the floor was opened up to fan questions, which, among other things, introduced fans to a highly entertaining-sounding, and potentially deadly, fan-made Archer drinking game. After getting a few more details about the upcoming season, including promises of an undersea adventure, the panel wrapped up, and the TV section of the day was done.

After ducking into parts of a few smaller panels on the use of music in film and TV and incorporating science into science fiction, it was time for the Dial M for Meetup get-together put on by Battleship Pretension, CriterionCast, and the Warner Archive Collection. ComicCon is held at the San Diego convention center, right next to the Gaslamp District, which is the downtown restaurant and bar area of the city. For many, hanging out with newly met friends is as much a part of the convention as the panels, exhibit floor, and lines. Here I am with comedian and podcaster Paul Goebel as well as with David from Battleship Pretension and Ryan from CriterionCast.

That’s it for Day One from San Diego Comic Con 2012- stay tuned for updates on Day Two, complete with coverage of the Community and Firefly panels, amongst many others.

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