Back to The Future Video Game

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Universal has decided to entrust their Back to the Future property to Telltale Games to produce a five episode video game series based on the popular 80’s sci-fi franchise. Telltale Games presents itself specifically as a developer of episodic games. Many critics feel that Telltale is the only company to have done episodic gaming right, usually citing its ability to consistently deliver on a monthly schedule. The company is best known for producing high-end games based on Wallace & Gromit and Homestar Runner. USA Today reports that producer / screenwriter Bob Gale will be working with Telltale on all five-episodes which is a very good sign for fans of the film series. Slashfilm has a lot more details on what to expect with the game. Here is just a few things to look forward to.

– Will include the likenesses of Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd as the characters Marty McFly and Doc Brown

– Other characters from the series will make appearances, although who knows if the actors will provide their likenesses or voices. I hope they get
Thomas F. Wilson to reprise Biff Tannen. Knowing Chrispin Glover, his appearance would probably be unlikely.

– Christopher Lloyd will also provide his voice for the games.

Back to the Future series screenwriter Bob Gale is working with the game developers on the story

– They are planning five “episodes”.

– It will be set in the fictional California setting of Hill Valley, and will explore 1985 and additional time periods.

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