Tuesday Movie Poster Roundup

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1. Dus Tola: Grade B

Some of the most fun posters come from Bollywood (I’m guessing this is Bollywood) just like this one. The color is great, the illustrations are fun, and the pasted heads are silly and irreverent. It feels like something you would see in a kid’s pop-up book. There should be a crude animation for this poster.

2. The Arbor: Grade C

The eyes and expression of the actress is the best aspect about this poster. The housing development in the background, in a way, mimics her despondent and distant look.

3. For Colored Girls: Grade C-

A film that is responsible for two of the best posters we’ve seen for the Poster Round Up, comes up with a mediocre one. The color isn’t bad, though a little unimaginative, and even some of the images aren’t bad either. But, it is very bland in its unorginality.

4. Made in Dagenham: Grade D

Sally Hawkins is the sunshine of all our lives. Her smile is infectious joy, and it is the only good thing about this poster. After Sally, we get a mess of random screen shots, and a landfill of text.

5. Strange Powers: Grade B

Being that I am a huge Magnetic Fields fan I am very much anticipating this film. But that’s besides the point here.

The color is a little weak, but I love Stephen Merritt’s posture and face, and the toy piano is fitting of the Magnetic Fields’ sound.

6. The Fighter: Grade B

This poster is oddly good, in that on the surface it doesn’t look like much, but there is something about the black offsetting Wahlberg and Bale that is easy on the eye.

7. Restless: Grade C

This is an explicitly corny poster. It isn’t terrible, and maybe I’m being swayed by the fact that I’ve seen the explicitly corny trailer for this film, but there is something off-putting about the romance of the poster. The overall look is good however. The chalk outline is simple but is pretty to the eye, along with Wasikowska’s jacket, which looks very interesting against the blacktop.

8. Punching The Clown: Grade B

The image on its own is great, the silhouetted performer against the smoky backdrop of the audience. If I’m judging it solely on the image itself I’d give it an A. However, it gets very cluttered with quotes and award mentions.

9. Outside The Law: Grade A

There is a subtle old school charm that I absolutely love about this poster. The vague image of the man and woman embracing, calls to mind romantic posters for sweeping films of the past.

10. A Man Within: Grade A

The Poster of The Week is simple, but a telling picture of an artist. Each line on Burroughs face has a story that we hope to hear in the film.

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