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Last summer’s Montreal cinephiles were treated to the world premiere of Clive Barker’s MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN at the Fantasia Film Festival. This July Fantasia will follow up on this by ¬†launching the hotly anticipated adaptations of the celebrated author’s work: Anthony DiBlasi’s DREAD (World Premiere), and John Harrison’s BOOK OF BLOOD (North American Premiere). If that’s not enough, both filmmakers will be in town to host their respective screenings.



UK Dir: John Harrison

The dead pass on their stories carved in flesh to our world”. This decidedly adult Clive Barker adaptation merges two short stories from the author’s groundbreaking BOOKS OF BLOOD collection – ON JERUSALEM STREET and THE BOOK OF BLOOD – into a single feature-length narrative. Regular George A. Romero collaborator, occasional composer of immortal film scores (DAY OF THE DEAD, CREEPSHOW and TALES FROM THE DARKSIDE), John Harrison brings big screen life to Barker’s morbid, sexually-charged universe with an elegance and maturity that many previous adaptations have lacked. His BOOK is an intelligent, well-performed tome that doesn’t at all shy away from grotesquery, giving light to the highways of the dead in ways that will startle you.




UK-USA Dir: Anthony DiBlasi

Quaid (Shaun Evans) is a grad student of philosophy, hard at work making a thesis film. He’s named his thesis “Dread”, because that’s exactly where its focus lays: the study of people’s deepest fears. Quaid has undertaken the project with fellow students Stephen (Jackson Rathbone) and Cheryl (Hanne Steen), but this baby is clearly all his. You see, Quaid is a man with daggers in his soul. As a child, he witnessed the random slaughter of his parents, an event that’s left him shaking with mortal dread to this day. Soon, however, the project will be taking turns that go far beyond the figurative, into something altogether different. Something that screams and bleeds. DREAD is a disturbing, brutal work that will leave many trembling in shock. This might be Anthony DiBlasi’s directorial debut, but the man is no stranger to the beloved Barker universe, having exec produced MIDNIGHT MEAT TRAIN, THE PLAGUE and BOOK OF BLOOD.


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    I can`t wait to review these two!

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