A look back at 2007

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Award season is on it’s way and so we have decided to take a look back at last years Naked Lunch movie awards. Indeed 2007 was one of the best years in film and we are proud that we were a part of it.

Best Picture – There Will Be Blood

Best Director – Paul Thomas Anderson

Best adapted Screenplay – Joel & Ethan Coen (No Country for Old Men)

Best original screenplay – Diablo Colby (Juno)

Best Cinematography – Roger Deakons (No Country for Old Men)

Best Indie film – I’m Not There

Best Editing – Bourne Ultimatum

Best Foreign Language film – Taxidermia

Best Canadian Film – Eastern Promises

Best French Film – Diving Bell & the Butterfly

Best Actress – Ellen Page (Juno)

Best Actor – Daniel Day Lewis (There Will Be Blood)

Best actor all year long – TIE: Christian Bale(3:10 to Yuma/I’m Not There/Rescue Dawn) & Phillip S.Hoffman (Before the Devil Knows Your Dead/Savages etc)

Best actress all year long –  Kate Blanchett – I’m Not There – Elizabeth

Most Memorable Scene – TIE: Oil Rig Explosion in There Will Be Blood and Tracking shot in Atonement

Best Sex Scene –  Shoot Em Up

Best unnecessary nudity – TIE: Bart Simpson in The Simpsons/Vigo in Eastern Promises/guy from Walk Hard

Best first time feature / Director – Scott Frank (The Lookout)

Best ensemble cast – Superbad

Best Action/Adventure – Hotfuzz

Best Documentary – The King Of Kong – A Fist full of Quarters

Best action sequence –  Car chase in Deathproof

Best Horror film – The Orphanage

Scariest moment – the pharmacy raid in The Mist

Best Animated Film –  Persepolis

Best Sci-Fi film – Sunshine

Best Thriller – Zodiac

Best Drama – There Will Be Blood

Best Comedy – Superbad

Best Musical – Once

Best Western – Assassination of Jesse James

Best Original Score – Johnny Greenwood (There Will Be Blood)

Best Soundtrack – Black Snake Moan

Best Original Song Once – Glen Hansard – When Your Mind’s made Up

Best villain – Javier Bordem (No Country for Old Men)

Best hero/heroine Rose McGowan (Planet Terror)

Best DVD release – The Killer of Sheep

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