Abel Ferrara’s R-rated ‘Welcome to New York’ gets a trailer


Abel Ferrara has long been a filmmaker of transgression and contention, and his latest lewd character study is no exception. Much like a French Wolf of Wall StreetWelcome to New York is based on the life of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, a French Presidential candidate and International Monetary Fund head, in everything but name due to legal issues. Strauss-Kahn was accused of sexual assault while visiting New York City, and Welcome to New York finds Gerard Depardieu in what could be called a career role, depraved, powerful, and physical.

Justine Smith said of Depardieu’s work at Fantasia Film Fest 2014, “Gerard Depardieu has perhaps never given a performance so physical and guttural, as he engages in a variety of sexual acts with prostitutes and employees. His corpulent form transcends mere parody of excessive appetites and becomes a strangely beautiful form of writhing animalism,” adding about the film, “Welcome to New York is a feverish meta-textual and multilingual portrait of contemporary privilege.”

However, the version depicted in this latest US trailer is of a toned-down variety. The American version to be released on March 27 by IFC was edited down to an R-rated version, much to the objection of Ferrara. In a quote by Ferrara via The Playlist, “F— them and F— IFC and the Center. Any filmmaker that’s worth anything should go and burn that theater down.”

Welcome to New York also stars Jacqueline Bisset as Depardieu’s wife. Watch the trailer below:

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