Awesome Ad for ‘Terror TV’ Movie Marathon Draws Real Bats


As much as we like to think we’re above the influence or marketing, that all the savvy ad campaigns fall of deaf ears, a good ad really does have an affect on us. Or if not a good one, than at least an interesting one. This one I’ve found today is certainly interesting….it just also seems like it may wind up blowing up in someone’s face. Terror TV, the Canadian horror channel, is going to be celebrating the origins of horror film with a marathon of classic horror titles, and among that lineup is F.W Murnau’s classic Nosferatu. To advertise the event, the screening of Nosferatu in particular, Terror TV commissioned the creation of a very particular piece of marketing.

The ad, in one of those standalone displays you see in parks and on corners, at first appears to be nothing more than an admittedly gorgeous piece of artwork. It’s when the sun goes down that things get interesting. A sonic emitter within the display will begin to sound after sundown, drawing the local bat population to the ad. Yes, that’s right. The same thing Batman used to confound the police and cover an escape in Batman Begins is being used to make a billboard for a movie marathon that much spookier. It’s an interesting idea on paper, but I can’t help but wonder how long it’ll take for the problems to show up. For one, I figure at some point or another the animal rights folks get involved, citing this as a dangerous disruption of the bats’ local ecosystem or somesuch. But I guess all that will do is draw even more attention to the billboard, and the event it’s advertising. Almost as though it were planned that way…..

Take a look at the biillboard (and lovely artwork) below. Hopefully once this thing is up and running there’ll be some video of what it looks like when it’s up and running and drawing bats.

Terror TV

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