Awesome Bottleneck Gallery Posters for ‘Alien Day’, Which is a Thing Now?

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You’d be hard-pressed to find any reputable list of the best sci-fi and/or horror movies that doesn’t include Ridley Scott’s Alien, and with good reason. Alien is pretty widely accepted as one of the best films within its genre, and you could make a very strong case that sci-fi horror movies would either barely exist or be totally unrecognizable from what we know today were it not for its influence. It’s a movie that needs no introduction, needs to fanfare. It’s an institution. And yet, we apparently need a day to celebrate it, in case we forget or something? Are we gonna need a Star Wars day next? Oh wait, never mind….

Despite my curmudgeonly rumblings about the need for a day celebrating one of the most important and beloved franchises in the sci-fi genre, Alien Day is upon us, and that means screenings at your local cinema and a metric ton of posters, art and other memorabilia. Never one to be outdone at the poster game, Bottleneck Gallery have released a trio of posters, all of them varying degrees of gorgeous.

First up is a piece by Laurent Durieux. I admit, this is my least favorite of the three. Something about it doesn’t totally grab me, and I think part of it is that the visual gag of the Xenomorph’s phallus-head posing as part of the crashed ship the Nostromo crew finds just…..doesn’t really work. Maybe if the entire image was made up of design elements from the film, with visual gags like this left, right, and center. But on its own, I just find myself asking “wait, so is there a colossal Xeno hiding behind those rocks, unaware that its noggin is sticking out?

Next is a pair of banner-style posters from artist Mark Englert. These two are my clear favorite, with a lovely style that feels like it could be some concept art for Aliens. It isn’t too busy or trying to reinvent the wheel, it’s just a nice, straightforward piece of art. Lovely. It also glows in the dark!

Alien day 2 ver 1 Alien Day 2 ver 2

Finally, we have a piece by Chris Skinner, this one more on the busy side, but still pretty sweet.

Alien Day 3

All three posters are on sale at Bottleneck gallery in multiple variants, for between 60 and 85 bucks depending on which poster and which variant strikes your fancy.

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