Almost Arthouse #13: ‘Blood Simple’ & Our Most Anticipated Films of 2013

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Blood SimpleIn this week’s episode of Almost Arthouse, hosts Ty and Tom take a look back at past Sundance Jury Prize winner Blood Simple, the Coen’s debut feature from 1984. Also on the docket this week, the duo are counting down their most anticipated films of 2013.


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  1. Jack Deth says

    Hi, Deepayan:

    The phrase “Blood Simple” was first used by Dashiell Hammet’Continental Op in the novel ‘Red Harvest’.

    Where the nameless Op is sent to solve a murder in the completely corrupt town of Personville, called Poisonville. The investigation then branches out to the Op playing one crew of bad guys against the other.

    Basically the basis for Kurosawa’s ‘Yojimbo’ and Walter Hill’s ‘The Last Man Standing’.

    1. Deepayan Sengupta says

      Oh, I was just attempting a lame joke. I meant nothing serious by it.

      1. Jack Deth says

        My apologies then, Deepayan.

  2. Ty Landis says

    Glad you enjoyed our review Jack, as stated in the podcast, I’m still quite mad at myself for waiting this long to finally get around to this excellent debut. Really excited for Inside Llewyn Davis.

  3. Jack Deth says

    Hi, Ty, Tom and company:

    Excelled critique of one of the best Neo Noirs around. I like of like how the film begins with a silhouetted back shot and you don’t see faces until well into the film.

    M. Emmett Walsh has never been slimier or more sweaty. Dan Hedaya rocks as Julian, the ulcer ridden slob. And possibly the slowest dying man in cinema.

    Also, a great start for Frances McDormand’s Abby. Who looks kind of plain and simple, but gets much craftier as the film goes on.

    1. Deepayan Sengupta says

      “Who looks kind of plain and simple”

      Dare I say…blood simple?

      I’ll show myself out.

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