Almost Arthouse #2: ‘Seven Psychopaths’ & ‘The Paperboy’

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In this episode of Almost Arthouse, we’re very proud to welcome our friend Barry to the show, a guest who’s previously made an appearance on Sound on Sight’s They Shot Pictures podcast. Barry aids regular hosts Ty and Tom in their discussion of Martin McDonagh’s Seven Psychopaths, the director’s playful follow-up to 2008’s In Bruges. In the second part of this week’s show, Ty steps out while Barry and Tom discuss Lee Daniels’ pulpy throwback thriller The Paperboy, a film that premiered at this year’s Cannes Film Festival to less than stellar reactions.


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  1. Josh Slater-Williams says

    Just one correction: that is not Peter Dinklage in ‘In Bruges’.

    1. Tom Stoup says

      Thanks for the listen, Josh!! S’been so long since I’ve seen Bruges, couldn’t remember who that actor was, if he even was someone I would have recognized.

  2. Little MY says

    I cant believe you guys didnt mention Nicole Kidman she’s the best thing in the film.

    1. Tom Stoup says

      Kidman is fantastic, as is the rest of the cast. Surely we could have gone on longer discussing the intricacies of this ensemble that are so admirably orchestrated by Daniels. As far as I am concerned, Kidman needed something like this for her career – she’s been on a strange downward slope lately and it’s great to see her back in top form. Let’s hope the momentum continues with Stoker.

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