‘Alone’ ( ‘Solos’ ) Trailer is Unreal…Seriously!

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Make sure to check out the fake trailer to Spanish director Pablo Olmos Arrayales’ alien invasion film, Alone (Solos). Known for a few shorts, this will be his first full length feature. Although this is unofficial trailer to a non-existent film, Arrayales is creating quite the buzz with this small yet savory taste. The story looks as though it’ll involve international hysteria starting in Madrid Spain, as aliens bring about bouts of earthquakes, high temperatures, and a good dose of murder.

Alone’s mock trailer shows much promise since it looks gritty and very suspenseful, but cheap CGI and  overacting does give it a straight-to-DVD feel. Are you excited to see further development of Arrayales’ vision, or should it just stay as a premature  idea? Decide for yourself by seeing the mock trailer below. Alone’s script is currently being written, and further updates are TBA.

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