American Horror Story: Hotel teases bad times in a creepy hotel


Ever since The Walking Dead hit the small screen and became a worldwide hit, the horror genre has invaded the TV landscape – sometimes for the best (Hannibal) and other times, not so good (Bates Motel). Of the bunch, American Horror Story leads the pack in terms of delivering the bloodiest and most disgusting visuals, sometimes so sick, it can make even the most hardcore horror aficionado gag. The anthology series, from the co-creator of Glee, no less, isn’t shy to push boundaries, and this year they’re moving away from covens, asylums, and the circus and taking you inside one of the creepiest hotels ever put on screen.

EW just unveiled two exclusive teasers for the upcoming season – titled “Do Not Disturb” and “Beauty Rest,” that follow the marketing strategy of seasons past by providing a 15-second glimpse into the upcoming season. Each teaser is different in style and tone, but ultimately, both are creepy in their own right.

The season’s subtitle Hotel, was partly inspired by the 1935 screwball musical Top Hat. Co-creator Ryan Murphy explained that the casting included a number of actors and singers, but would be a much darker season compared to the previous ones. Inspiration came from old hotel horror films and actual hotels situated at downtown Los Angeles, with a reputation of sinister events, including The Cecil in Los Angeles, where the death of 21-year-old Canadian student Elisa Lam occurred. Murphy had watched a surveillance video of Lam in the hotel, in which she displayed erratic behavior just hours prior to her supposed death.

American Horror Story: Hotel, premieres on FX in October 2015. Watch the two teasers below if you dare.

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