Arcade Fire’s Short Film “The Wilderness Downtown”

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Most longtime “Sound On Sight” listeners would have already figured out that I am a huge fan of Arcade Fire. I remember seeing the band perform back before “Rebellion” became a hit at the gorgeous Corona venue here in Montreal. Ever since I have been a faithful and loyal follower. Of course it helps that the band’s records all have a central theme and like movies have a specific pacing and feel to their work, which would probably explain their venture into filmmaking. Not only did they provide the score for Richard Kelly’s sci-fi thriller The Box but they are also collaborating with Spike Jonze on a b-movie science fiction short film.

Recently the band completed an interactive short film/music experience titled “The Wilderness Downtown”. The film is directed by Chris Milk, a popular music video and commercial director who has worked with the likes of Kanye West, U2, Green Day, Audioslave, Modest Mouse and Gnarls Barkley. The interactive short film allows the viewer to draw a picture and write a letter which is than incorporated into the musical/visual experience. Even better it allows you to share the short film you created with friends. Experience it for yourself at

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