‘Archer’ Season 7 Trailer Recreates ‘Magnum P.I’ Opening

Archer PI teaser

Magnum P.I is one of those shows that is almost impossible to dislike. Blame the effortless charm of Tom Selleck, the fun and adventure in an interesting locale, the eternal enigma of Higgins’ 90-degree-corner-hair, it’s just one of those utterly enjoyable pieces of TV whose influence and charm will keep it within the realm of fond nostalgia for decades to come.

Archer, ever one to play the nostalgia card, teased its upcoming seventh season with a frame-for-frame, expression for expression PERFECT recreation of the beloved Magnum PI opening sequence, with the cast of Archer taking the roles of the Magnum P.I crew. The attention to detail really is amazing, and it’s clear that the creative team behind Archer are huge Magnum fans, because as we’ve already established, why wouldn’t you be one? Of course, it wouldn’t be Archer without a little twist at the end, and the teaser delivers on that.

You can watch the Archer season 7 below, as well as the original Magnum opening to compare.

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