Author: Emmet Duff

Emmet Duff is a small town Ohioan reborn as an Austin, TX based artist and writer. He spent his youth either reading or watching movies, which is probably why he feels compelled to watch movies and then write words about them. In 2009, he graduated from Kenyon College with a double degree in Psychology and Studio Art and has yet to capitalize on that deadly combination.  Once a kindly and humble Midwesterner, Emmet now eats a Tex Mex breakfast, sports a ten gallon hat, and refuses to be messed with. As an artist, Emmet enjoys photographing things, building things, and photographing things that he builds.  Though his writing extends beyond cinema and criticism, he started his illustrious film writing career working for his older, very talented, brother in Sydney, Australia.  Emmet has a enthusiastic love for all kinds of films and would be hard pressed to name a favorite filmmaker.  But one time he spent a few days rewatching all of David Cronenberg’s films in a row.  And he didn’t hate it.