Author: Merriell Moyer

Merriell Moyer is a freelance writer, playwright, and student of literature. He is working on a degree in English Literature via Southern New Hampshire University’s excellent online program. Merriell loves to read just as much as he loves to write and he has a tendency to gravitate towards classic texts dating from the late Middle Ages through the Victorian era. Chaucer, Marie de France, Mary Shelley, Oscar Wilde, and George Bernard Shaw are among his favorites. Merriell also loves modern horror and science fiction, so you could say that he’s eclectic. He’s also partial to graphic novels like V for Vendetta, Marvel's Ultimates series, and IDW's Transformers series. Yes, he loves old books, super heroes, and robots. Oh, yeah, and zombies. Can't forget the zombies. His favorite zombie series is Mira Grant's Feed trilogy of novels.