Awesome Vintage Posters for Polish Films

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The history of cinema in Poland is known worldwide mostly due to a few directors: Polanski, Wajda, and Kieslowski quickly come to mind. Although Polish movies tend to be less commercially available than movies from several other European nations, from 1955 onwards, the works of directors of the so-called Polish Film School had a great influence on the contemporary trends such as French New Wave, Italian neorealism or even late Classical Hollywood cinema. specializes in Polish film posters from the 60’s and 70’s by artists like Jerzy Flisak, Wiktor Gorka, Andrzej Krajewski and Maciej Zbikowski. If you are at all interested in Polish cinema, I highly recommend checking it out. It might introduce you to some films you have never heard of. Here are some example of the posters you can find there.

Hajducy Kapitana Angela – original Polish film poster

Designer: Mieczyslaw Wasilewski

Chlopiec Z Burzy (Storm Boy) – original Polish film poster

Designer: Eryk Lipinski

Motodrama – original Polish film poster

Designer: Jakub Erol

Siedem Piegow – original Polish film poster


Designer: Jan Mlodozeniec

Gehenna – original Polish film poster

Designer: Erol Jakub

Na Torze Czeka Morderca – original Polish film poster

Ludzie Przeciwko Sobie – original Polish film poster

Designer: Maciej Hibner

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