Bansky Film at Sundance 2010

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According to the LA Times, his elusive identity did not stop fans from lining up outside the theatre at Sundance for the movie premiere of the British street artist Banksy’s newest film, Exit through the gift shop. The artist is known for his clever and illustrative street work that he has done and had photographed all over the world. The movie itself isn’t about him though. That has already been done.

The movie is said to be more of a “film within a film” with the content holding an attempted French filmmaker Thierry Guetta as the main subject. Banksy goes on to emulate how his work is gaining more and more attention with the political world and the mainstream media.

Guetta follows him through the night as he sneaks around, posting his work in major cities in North America, as well as through out Europe, all the while remaining anonymous, without a face and comments are fed through a voice scrambler.

It will be something to rent for sure as it comes out in the lucky stores that will be few and far between to carry it. The film itself wasn’t even in the Sundance movie guide for the week. Yet somehow, as he always manages to do, Banksy got the usual following.

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