Bates Motel Podcast Episode 4: “Trust Me”

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Bates Motel Episode 4

On this week’s episode of the Bates Motel Podcast, Editor in Chief Ricky D and SOS contributor Randy of Processed Media sit down with SOS Staff Editor Deepayan Sengupta to discuss the fourth episode of the A&E show Bates Motel, titled “Trust Me”. Among the topics discussed are Dylan’s role in the series, the characterisation, or lack thereof, of Sheriff Romero and Deputy Shelby, and what might be in store for Bradley as the show progresses.



“The a Team” by Ed Sheeran


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  1. Ricky says

    Well I left a long response but my browser crashed. I’ll reply to this on our next podcast. Sorry about that. :(


    Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Steve says

    I really enjoy listening to this podcast every week. You guys challenge me to think about the show in different ways. I also enjoy your other podcasts too, especially Sordid Cinema.

    You guys brought up the point that Norman and Dylan are pitted against Norma. I think you are right, and it got me thinking. The writers are setting up a dynamic where I can totally believe Norman’s psyche would split apart like a fraying rope, thread by thread until it snaps.

    Norman is the rope in a tug of war between:

    Norma and his father
    Norma and Dylan
    Norma and his romantic interests
    Emma and Bradley

    Evil (Norma caused him act in an evil way) and Good
    Prison (Norma caused him to commit the crime) and freedom
    Proper feelings about a mother and sexual feelings
    love and anger
    etc…… volumes have been written.

    So if Norman is the fraying rope and Norma is constantly pulling on the other end, he can end the pressure and save himself by dealing with her. So he kills her, and then becomes her. And the external pressures at least are gone.

    I really feel bad for the guy. He’s in a no win situation.

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