Batman: the Animated Series with Gabe Bucsko

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Gabe Bucsko from Mousterpiece Cinema joins us to take a look at one of the great ’90s animated shows, Batman: the Animated Series.

  1. Andrea(RIP)eh not really! says

    Thank you guys for discussing one of my favorite tv shows. Sorry for the late response. I barely found out recently. I love this show when I was a kid. Still the best Batman adaptation of all time in my opinion. Although I was disappointed that Shirley Walker’s score did not come up during your discussion. I especially would have loved to hear Kate’s opinion about it. Her score was always one of the things I noticed about the show. It was fantastic how she gave each Batman villain their own individual theme. Even though she did use some of Danny Elfman’s theme. Most likely because tptb wanted the show to tie in closely to the recent movies at the time. She still made the score her own.

    1. Kate Kulzick says

      Yeah, it’s a fantastic score. Instantly recognizable and for me, it did as much as the beautiful art deco stylized artwork to set the scene and build the world. We’ll have to come up with an excuse to talk about best scores some time, ’cause I do really love this one. Thanks for listening!

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