‘Batman vs Superman’ Trailer 1995 Style – Be Sure to Adjust Your Tracking

Batman vs Superman

Batman vs Superman

I said not long ago that I’d never watch another trailer for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice, in a particularly amusing post that you can like and share here. But times makes liars of us all, and I’m not exception, because I’ve just now seen another trailer for the superhero blockbuster that I felt inclined to watch and share with all of you. The trailer comes courtesy of our friends at Screencrush, and presents us with a trailer that would be right at home on a mid-90s VHS cassette. VHS nostalgia is nothing new to the film world, and we’ve even seen a few movies built entirely on it, like Hobo With a Shotgun and Kung-Fury. Personally, I’m finding the increasingly constant throwbacks are getting a bit tiresome, but I can’t argue too much when they’re done well, and Screencrush’s Batman vs Superman trailer is certainly done well.

It would have been easy to simply take an existing BvS trailer, throw a grainy VHS filter and some fake tracking errors over it and call it a day, but ace editor Sleepy Skunk went above and beyond. The trailer gets a new soundtrack, cut together from scores and voiceover over from trailers for Batman Returns and Batman Forever, including cool sounding nonsense like “love is a game, revenge is a trap” delivered by good old Don LaFontaine himself. There’s also new title cards for the cast, in a style ripped directly from the Batman Returns trailer, and in an especially nice touch at the end, the credits inform us of the 90s-tastic bands featured on the soundtrack. I’d honestly forgotten that movie trailers in the 90s even did this, and the fact that Screencrush thought to put it in is a really nice cherry on top of the video. Of course, the video isn’t a perfect simulation. The lens flares, visual effects and a few other visual cues definitely mark the footage as a product of our current era, and not the far-flung 90s. But still, there’s a lot of attention to detail put into the video that can make it fun for those of us who remember when trailers were like this.

I may be grouchy when it comes to the ubiquity of nostalgia these days, but I suppose it pays to remember that there’s a place for it, especially when it’s well-made nostalgia. You can check out Screencrush’s video below, and let us know what you think in the comments section.

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