Beautiful New Poster for “Black Swan”

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Sam Smith is an artist and musician from Nashville, TN. He currently plays drums for some bands you may have heard of including Ben Folds, The Comfies and My So-Called Band.

When he’s not playing drums, Sam works as a graphic designer and illustrator. Growing up drawing and cartooning, Sam has in recent years found design in his passion for film and music, creating self-initiated film posters for Nashville’s historic Belcourt Theatre as well as gig posters and album artwork for friends. His recent clients have included Janus Films and The Criterion Collection.

I just recently stumbled upon his blog where I found this incredible poster of Natalie Portman from her role in Darren Aronofsky’s  Black Swan.

On his blog Sam said, “ I thought the mirror images in the film seemed like almost a red herring whereas more often we saw Natalie actually fractured and splitting apart, which is what’s happening to her character. So I avoided any mirroring and split her into glitchy pieces, still suggesting that there are “two” of her”.

Check out the poster below and be sure to visit his blog to see more of his artwork.

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