Best Docs of 2012: Sound on Sight Podcast # 347

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2012 might be dead and gone, but we’re not quite done saluting some of its more memorable flicks. This week we take a look at two docs we didn’t quite find the time for, starting off with Ricky D’s favorite film of 2012, David France’s How to Survive a Plague, a stirring, galvanizing look at anti-AIDS activism in the era of Jesse Helms, followed by a (spoiler-ful!) take on the Rodriguez doc Searching for Sugar Man. As per usual, Julian Carrington and Simon Howell are also on hand.


Rodriguez – “Sugar Man”

Rodriguez – “Crucify Your Mind”








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  1. Shep. Burman says

    Hi Ricky,
    Joel here, the LAMB shepherd. I’m getting in touch with you mainly because we have you listed as having a podcast. For this year’s LAMMYs we’ve changed the eligibility rules for the podcasting award. It now requires that you are a member of the LAMB Podcasting Network, info can be found here:

    This years LAMMYs kicks off February 25th with a submission stage. On March 20th an eligible list will be published and for you to be on that list I need you to have joined the network with a written e-mail about joining the network (no need for a audio trailer and banner at this stage).

    On April 1th (no joke) I’ll be needing you to have entered the LAMB Podcasting Network fully (banner and trailer sent in). If not having done so you’ll be disqualified from this years LAMMYs even if you have enough votes to get a nomination.

    Finally I’ll also take this opportunity to send you an informal reminder of our LION 4 LAMBs Best of 2012 poll to send in your rankings on a bunch of categories. You can find a link to that here:

    Feel free to get back to me if you have any questions or if I was unvlear about something.


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