Best Movie Scores of 2013 (Mix Tape) **Explicit**


It has been another extraordinary year for motion pictures. We recently posted our staff list of the 30 best films released in 2013, and with 40 writers who participated, 160 films received at least one vote. Every year we also post an article listing the best movie scores, only this this time I decided to do something a little different. Instead of writing a lengthy, time-consuming article (which to be honest, wouldn’t give the music justice since you can’t hear any of the tracks), I instead decided to make a mix tape for our listeners. Included are 20 tracks from my 16 favourite original movie scores released this year.

Film scores were once exclusive to classically trained musicians, but over time, more and more filmmakers have hired rock, soul, electronic and hip-hop artists to create the original sound of their movies. This year alone, we’ve seen scores composed by M83’s Anthony Gonzalez (Oblivion); Skrillex (Spring Breakers); regular Claire Denis collaborators Tindersticks (Bastards); former lead singer and guitarist of the pop band Pop Will Eat Itself, Clint Mansell (Stoker); Arcade Fire (Her); violinist Daniel Hart of the band The Physics of Meaning (Ain’t Them Body Saints); Explosions in the Sky (Prince Avalanche); and finally singer/songwriter Alex Ebert, formerly of electro-rock outfit Ima Robot, and now best known as Edward Sharpe of Edward Sharpe of the Magnetic Zeros (All Is Lost). Of course you’ll also hear tracks from some traditional composers including Abel Korzeniowski, Hans Zimmer and Phillip Glass – and even a track by writer, director, actor, producer and composer of Upstream Color, Shane Carruth. The following mix tape highlights just some of the exceptional work by some our favourite musicians. Also, there is some explicit language about an hour in, so I don’t recommend listening to this with children around. Enjoy!

– Ricky D



Stephen Price – Gravity

M83 – Anthony Gonzalez, Joseph Trapanese – Oblivion

Hans Zimmer – Man of Steel

Tindersticks – Bastards

Arcade Fire – Her

Explosions In The Sky & David Wingo – Prince Avalanche

Hans Zimmer – 12 Years A Slave

Daniel Hart – Ain’t Them Bodies Saints

Alex Ebert – All Is Lost

Shane Carruth – Upstream Color

Cliff Martinez – Only God Forgives

Cliff Martinez & Skrillex– Spring Breakers

Abel Korzeniowski – Escape from tomorrow

Phillip Glass – Stoker

Clint Mansell – Stoker

Arcade Fire – Her

Rob Simonsen – The Spectacular Now

David Wingo – Mud


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