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Does length matter? (In a game, that is)

Okay, stop sniggering. We’re better than that. I was, of course, referring to the recent brouhaha surrounding PS4 exclusive The Order: 1886 and its relatively short running time. For the uninitiated, mere days before the game launched to collective sighs around the globe, rumours hit the web that the game could be completed in as little as five hours. Gaming sites melted down, Internet arguments kicked off; it was, for lack of a better term, just another molehill turned mountain within the gaming industry… read the full article.


‘Dark Souls’: Ornstein and Smough are a golden maelstrom of unyielding death

In the brutal gauntlet of boss encounters in Dark Souls, there are a daunting amount of epic and memorable battles to consider. From the soul-crushing difficulty of battling four undead kings in the darkness of the void, to the haunting duel with a fallen hero in a blasted coliseum, to the tragic encounter with a giant wolf who is simply guarding his master’s grave, this is a game rife with intense boss moments, but none carry more nerve-racking danger than the encounter with the former heroes of the kingdom, Ornstein and Smough… read the full article.


‘Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons’ makes for an intuitive and engaging journey

Even in the grand annals of puzzle game history, some of the best games the genre has ever produced have only come about in recent years. The success of major hits like Portal and Portal 2 and deeply mature titles like Catherine have allowed for a sort of second coming in the puzzle genre, a cultural zeitgeist that allowed a game like Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons to debut at the perfect time to hit it big… read the full article.


‘South Park: The Stick of Truth’: Nazi Zombie Princess Kenny refuses to die!

For fans of the show, South Park: Stick of Truth is a faithful representation of the series. From the art style to the driving force behind characters actions, everything about this game oozes South Park.  Though there are many engaging and entertaining battles, there is but one that will keep players struggling to stay in their seats-the final battle for control of the universe with Princess Kenny… read the full article.

‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’: A final encounter worthy of all that has come before it

What makes a boss battle good? Surpassing that, what makes a boss battle great? A better question; what makes a boss battle the best? A combination of using the skills you’ve learned, coupled with a good motivation for defeating said boss, and a rewarding payoff all combine to provide the best boss battles… read the full article.

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‘Resident Evil 4′: Bitores Mendez schools you in the politics of pain

In a game so chock full of memorable boss encounters, it’s tough to settle on just one. With that said, though, the front-runner, and immediate stand-out in Resident Evil 4‘s gruesome gauntlet of titans, is the midway throwdown with the village chief, Bitores Mendez… click here to read the full article.

‘OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood’ makes for a challenging and rewarding grind

A little over a year later, and Roll7 has released a sequel to their skateboarding title, OlliOlli. OlliOlli2: Welcome to Olliwood does everything fans of the first game might expect from the franchise including: tight controls, catchy music, and incredibly challenging courses. OlliOlli2 does all that and more; manuals, grind switches, bigger tricks, and reverts. Few games match the intensity of attempting a level-long combo and successfully nailing it… read the full article.


‘Descender’ #1 is a cinematic sci-fi treat

Jeff Lemire has already proven his worth in the sci-fi comic book genre with last year’s excellent Trillium. Descender appears to be something quite different from the last mini series he produced and is now collaborating with Dustin Nguyen, whose beautiful artwork is already strongly evident in this first issue. With Lemire and Nguyen onboard this very intriguing book, it looks like this will be a great addition to the already stellar lineup of Image released series… read the full article.


‘Princess Leia’ #1: a higher class of princess

Looking on this whole operation, one has to admit to the rather shady existence that Star Wars comics have right now. The entire enterprise of taking one of the most beloved film series of two, going on three, generations, publishing it through the most recognized comic book publisher on the planet, and all under the watchful eye of a multi-media conglomerate that made turning waves of children into life-long fans into a science is about as close to printing money as one gets… read the full article.


‘Birthright’ Volume One is a new askew adventure

Fresh from the mind of Joshua Williamson, Birthright is an interesting new series from Image. The concept is quite simple: a young boy by the name of Mikey vanishes seemingly into thin air, causing havoc on his family from his absence to the point of breaking that is until a year later when a stranger arrives, straight out of a fantasy paperback and sporting an arsenal that would make Conan jealous, claims to be Mikey grown up. And yes, it’s actually Mikey. It turns out he was the champion of a far off realm called Terrenos fated to liberate the land from the monstrous God King Lore. However, what he leaves out is how Mikey himself is under the control of Lore himself with a mission to make Earth his next conquest… read the full review.

NonCompliant #1: “Space Wars”

Welcome to the first episode of the NonCompliant podcast. This is a weekly show about female created and starring comics and is hosted by Logan Dalton, the comics editor of Sound on Sight; Katy Rex, the founder of End of the Universe Comics; Jess Camacho, the  editor of Geeked Out Nation; and Grant Raycroft, a comics reviewer at Sound on Sight.

In our first episode, we discuss several releases starring female characters, including the new Leia and Spider-Woman comics from Marvel, the return of Rat Queens and Saga from Image, and a small press book called Pussycats. Feel free to send questions about the show to either of the hosts’ Twitter handles or our Facebook page… click here to listen to the podcast.

Mission status is not optimal in ‘Nameless’ #2

One of the strangest elements in Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham sci-fi horror miniseries has been how shockingly tame it’s been. That’s not to say what is presented in this recent issue of the inaugural outing are anything that doesn’t warrant a mature content warning, just that it’s strange to see the creative team of such mind bending works like Batman Inc. and The Multiversity: Pax Americana be this far into their limited miniseries and not fully engage the body horror and raging madness of say Event Horizonclick here to read the full article.


The Great British Comic Cons

Britain has a long, long history of staging comic conventions. The first one was held in a Birmingham hotel in 1968 which had a young Alan Moore as a guest. The success of the event paved the way for overseas guests to jump across the pond such as Frank Miller, Jim Steranko, and the late Gil Kane and appear at various events in the country… read the full article.

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