‘Best Worst Movie’ director’s follow-up documentary, ‘The American Scream’, gets a trailer

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Troll 2 holds an odd position among film fans as a movie adored not despite its numerous flaws, but because of them, making the exploration of its success a tricky subject to tackle. Yet writer-director Michael Stephenson was able to do just that with the 2009 documentary Best Worst Movie, his first foray into documentary film-making, and was met with much critical acclaim for his effort. His next documentary, titled The American Scream, moves away from the world of cinema to look at three families who go the extra mile to decorate their houses for Halloween every year. An official trailer for the movie has now been released, and can be seen below. You can also read our review of the film from Fantastic Fest here.

[vsw id=”vQMkrdzD3xM” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”425″ autoplay=”no”]

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