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At the Box office this Memorial Day weekend, the ultimate head to head rivalry took place.   In one corner we have the family friendly Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian and on the other end, the gritty, action laden, and guaranteed to disappoint Terminator Salvation.  And it’s the bored family that reigns supreme.  Museum crushed the competition with an impressive 53 million; a huge leap from its predecessor’s $30 million opening.  Mc G’s apocalyptic opus did however rake in $43 million. But bad buzz has plagued the film for months before its release and now it has appeared to seep into general audiences making its future box office look quite bleak. Sadly the film may go down in history as “the one where Christian Bale freaked out on set.”  The other big opening, the Wayans brothers’ parody Dance Flick, was trampled by the other major releases racking in a little over $10 million.  Perhaps the Save the Last Dance references didn’t resonate.
The major box office news in the independent film department sees Rian Johnson’s The Brothers Bloom and Olivier Assayas’ Summer Hours gaining some traction with their per theater count at around $7,000 each.  Steven Soderbergh’s The Girlfriend Experience has achieved some success with its $200,000 opening in 30 theaters, despite the fact that the film has been available on Amazon and V.O.D. for weeks now.  His previous outing in this kind of distribution model, Bubble, barely made $145,000 during its entire theatrical run.  See what a porn star can do for art.

Next week holds some potentially great wide releases in Pixar’s Up and Sam Raimi’s horror comeback vehicle Drag Me to Hell.  Now there’s a bad ass double feature for ya.

    – Anthony Nicholas

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