Breaking News: Oscar’s Best Picture Nominees Will Expand to Ten

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The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences have announced in a small blurb that the best picture nominees this year have been bumped up from five to ten. This decision seems to be a direct response from the controversy over The Reader getting a nomination instead of The Dark Knight, despite getting mixed reviews and being relatively unknown to the mainstream public. That decision angered critics and mainstream audiences alike. There have also been other controversies over the exclusions of Pixar films and Apatow comedies.

“After more than six decades, the Academy is returning to some of its earlier roots, when a wider field competed for the top award of the year. The final outcome, of course, will be the same – one Best Picture winner – but the race to the finish line will feature 10, not just five, great movies from 2009 … Having 10 Best Picture nominees is going allow Academy voters to recognize and include some of the fantastic movies that often show up in the other Oscar categories but have been squeezed out of the race for the top prize.”

I’m not sure what to think yet. Here’s hoping more box office hits and art house obscurities will get a better chance at a nomination instead of more insufferable Oscar bait. But the more I think about it the more I think the latter will win out. If this rule were established last year, yes, The Dark Knight and Wall E would have gotten nominated but most likely Changeling, Gran Torino, and Revolutionary Road would have as well. It’s better to have those modern classics snubbed rather than be in the company of such crap.

  1. Mike says

    I honestly think the icing on the cake was The Dark Knight being robbed of the Best Picture nom in order to make room for the overrated turd, The Reader. You couldn’t listen to a blurb about the Oscars on the radio or TV without hearing how pissed people were(myself being one of them). Maybe it’s just my memory, but I can’t remember another time recently where people were so angry a movie didn’t get nominated. Even most critics were shocked. I’m still kind of on the fence about the 10 noms though. It will be good to give some different films a chance but knowing the Academy, they will pick about six good films and and fill the remaining slots with garbage.

  2. Ali McKinnon says

    I am glad Changeling was not nominated for Best Picture at these past Oscars. I think the only award it could of possibly won was Best Costume, but it wasn’t even nominated for that. In fact, it didn’t even win anything in it’s category. Overall, I really didn’t like it and thought it could have been much better, especially with its cast ensemble. I think my favorite scenes was when Jolie was in the mental institution, and that had more to do with Amy Ryan’s performance. I can appreciated the costumes, just as I appreciated the costumes in Australia, but I really think that’s all it did for me, especially for Australia’s sake.
    And, 10 nominee’s! OH MY! Oscar parties around the world will be much more competitive now! Something tells me there will be a lot of extra Hollywood films thrown in, but maybe the Academy will come around and add more Art House films! As Anthony mentioned above: “here’s to hoping!”

    1. Ricky says

      I think this could be a good thing for films like The Wrestler. Had they nominated 10 films last year, it might have made the list and that could have helped it find more of an audience. However I get the feeling it is just their way of nominating more studio films so people will flock to the cinema to see them.

  3. Ricky says

    I am really surpised that so many people like Gran Torino. I knew we should have not listened to Simon and reviewed it on the show.

  4. Allan says

    Gran Torino was my favourite picture of 2008; Changeling was in my top 10!

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