Bryan Singer Special – Sound on Sight Podcast # 351

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Having cleared the 400-recording mark, we tinker a little with the SOS format this week, resulting in a supersized outing. The major topic of the week is director Bryan Singer, whose family fantasy opus Jack the Giant Slayer opened this weekend. Ricky, Simon and newly minted co-host Josh Spiegel take on the new film, as well as taking a look back at Singer’s crack at the Superman mythos, Superman Returns. In between, and with the help of guest Deepayan Sangupta, an open-forum discussion on the Oscars culture, the value of award shows, and the visual-effects protest that shadowed the event itself.



John Williams – “Superman Theme Song”





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  1. Ricky says

    To quote Mister Señor Love Daddy:

    “Hold up. Hold up. Wait a second. Y’all need to chill”.

    Deepayan and I were on the same page, so why am I not included in this. I just found Lex Luther’s plot ridiculous.

    And wait a minute, I believe, unless it was edited out, that I did touch on the myth and idea of Superman … although brief, it was mentioned. I even discussed how Singer presented the Man of Steel as a messiah-like-figure, which nobody else has done on film yet.

    Your comment on Lex is correct, but it still doesn’t make for an interesting plot device. We know he is power hungry, but the reasoning behind his plan, as quoted in the film, is stupid.

    Finally, Superman, the original motion picture is great. You are wrong .. wrong God dammit … :P

    how dare you

  2. Bill Thompson says

    Have to say guys, I am firmly in the camp of Deepayan when it comes to Superman Returns. I would even take it further and say that I think Returns is a great film while the two Donner Superman films are a cheesy bit of moronic terribleness. The key when it comes to Superman Returns, and something I didn’t feel any of you nice fellows touched on, is how the film is about myth and idea. The myth of who Superman is and the idea of what Superman represents is what the film is all about and I feel that Bryan Singer wonderfully implements those themes.

    Even Lex’s actions are about an idea, the idea of power. His plan is intentionally stupid I feel, and it’s not meant to be successful for the reasons that Lex offers.Rather, it’s success is about the idea of power and how Lex needs to make such a showy and nearly impossible move to show how much power he has. IT’s definitely not for money, because he already has all the money he needs. It’s not for land because Lex could care less about land. It’s about power, and him showing the world just how powerful and important he is.

    So yeah, Superman Returns is great, one of the best comic book films I’ve ever seen. It eclipses the original Superman features, which were nice attempts at superhero films but ultimately failed attempts. And it’s far better than any of the miserable Nolan attempts at making a superhero film. It’s up there with Watchmen, Spider-Man 2, Hellboy 1 & 2, Captain America, The Rocketeer, and The Avengers as far as best superhero based movies go.

    Like usual, though I may disagree I enjoyed the conversation, and keep up the good work.

    1. Edgar Chaput says

      Well, since Bill chimed in, I have to get in on the fun as well.

      Bill, I’m a little surprised you dislike the first two Superman films so much. I agree that they both have some elements which make them feel kind of cheesy, but I find the first one has a certain charm to it. The best moments in my opinion are the scenes that explore the Lois-Clark/Superman relationships. I saw the movie again a year ago or so and got a real kick out of them. Funny but in a charming way.

      As for Singer’s film, I can’t say I have the fondest memories. It looks nice and I kind of thought Routh was a good Clark, but other then that the film felt a little too ‘full of itself’ for lack of a better term. Too heavy, maybe? I guess I’ve always had a lighter interpretation of Superman in my head, so the tone of Singer’s film didn’t do much for me.

      I will fully support you in claiming ‘Watchmen’ as a good movie.

      Also, a little Jo-Go-Lev wasn’t enough to give Dark Knight Rises a pass? Zing!

      1. Ricky says

        Also, how do you not like the original Superman movie but love Superman Returns, when as Josh pointed out, it is fully immersed in the spirit of the original.

        I can’t wait to review that film in a few months.

        1. Bill Thompson says

          Some of the stories, such as the kid and the idea of Supes leaving, spring forth from the original two films. The tone, and the myth that the film is about has nothing to do with the first two films in my opinion. Returns takes on the larger idea of Superman, beyond being just a superhero, whereas the first two films are only concerned with the idea of a really powerful guy who can fly.

      2. Bill Thompson says

        I found the first two Superman films way too campy and corny. I don’t have a problem with campy and corny, but I didn’t feel the cheesy approach of the campy and corniness meshed with the serious undertones that the films were trying for.

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