TIFF 2010: Ricky D’s Blog Entry #7: Buried With Ryan Reynolds

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Ricky D & Igor

Well it’s Thursday and I have two more days left before I head back to Montreal. My experience at TIFF this year was quite different than that of last year. A year ago I made an effort to watch at least three if not four movies a day, whereas this time around I decided to spend more time networking. Needless to say it has been an exhausting week and I haven’t found much time to write reviews. Seeing as I am heading back to Montreal on Saturday, I am hoping to get all my reviews done by Sunday night which is when the festival ends. Next year we hope to be a bit more organized. The plan is to get press accreditation for our Toronto writers so they can help us out. I must say that even if I haven’t seen as many movies as I would have liked to have seen, the lineup as been much better this time around. I would say the only two big disappointments thus far was John Carpenter’s Ward and Greg Araki’s Kaboom.

Another highlight was watching Rodrigo Cortés’ Buried which stars Ryan Reynolds and no one else. Considering my favourite film of all time is The Vanishing (without spoiling the reason why), it’s no surprise that I really enjoyed Buried. All week long I have heard mixed reactions, and although I see what some people may not like about the movie, I still have to admire the effort (My review should be up soon). With Ryan Reynolds present it’s no surprise that the screening was a nightmare to get into. Fans were lined up around the building for hours waiting and hoping to catch a glimpse of the actor or get an autograph. I never understood why people do this. It seems sort of ridiculous to waste so much time just to see someone from a distance and not even be able to interact with them. I’ve met quite a few famous people in my life and I never really cared too much about it. Last year’s famous “Ricky D” story was about how I ended up sitting next to Collin Farrell at the World Premier of Ondine and he offered to buy me a drink. What I find interesting (or funny) about the story is not that I accidentally met the man, but how I didn’t recognize who he was until after the screening. Considering I watch so many movies every week, you would think I would have an easy time recognizing actors but I am really bad with faces. It’s quite embarrassing sometimes. But in all honesty there isn’t much else to that story – unlike the time I met John Carpenter and actually sat down with him for drinks in a bar in Montreal for three hours. Now that to me is a great experience. Having that time to really discuss cinema and the filmmaker’s work was inspiring, and I left with a better understanding of who he is as a person. Often my friends and family ask me if I took a photo with a celebrity I came across or asked for an autograph, and I continuously have to remind people that I do not do that sort of thing. I find it quite embarrassing and in all honesty, having someone’s signature doesn’t improve my life in any way. My theory is people do it so they can prove that they met the person. I could care less if someone believes me or not. Also in asking for a photo or signature, it sort of would make me come across as a fanboy and not someone who runs a popular radio show and web magazine. That wouldn’t make for good networking. I won’t lie. Meeting Darren Aronofsky this week was a highlight of my movie going experience but I had to play it really cool. He was already bombarded with paparazzi, fans and press, that I think the last thing he would want is some kid from Montreal harassing him for an autograph. I think filmmakers really appreciate it when you treat them like an average person and discuss cinema as appose to kissing their ass.

This will probably be my last entry into the TIFF blog. I may or may not write one on the train home but before I say goodbye, I have to plug the work from a few of my friends.

First you should all be reading the blog of Sound On Sight’s own Al Kratina, which you can find by clicking here. His reviews are by far the best you’ll find on the festival thus far.

Also check out the blog from our good friend Joseph Belanger. He had a chance to interview Ryan Reynolds and Xavier Dolan. We like to support other sites that offer interesting insight into the world of film, so please pay them a visit and let them know I sent you.

– Ricky D

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