Cannes 2011 Has Two Versions Of Sion Sono’s ‘Guilty Of Romance’ & An Announcement of His Next Two Projects

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According to Twitch, there are two radically different versions of Sion Sono’s latest picture, Guilty Of Romance, screening in Cannes: One version for critics and one version for buyers.

Screening as part of the Director’s Fortnight selection is the full, unedited version of the film that runs in at two hours and twenty three minutes. Strangely however, a shorter version is screening over at Marche Du Film – the film market where pictures are bought and sold for international distribution. That cut is apparently completely different and much shorter, at only one hour fifty two minutes long.

The movie is said to be the third film of his “Hate Saga” (which includes Love Exposure & Cold Fish) and described as the movie in which Sono shows his “love, respect, and fear towards women”. It marks the director’s first time at the prestige film festival, and he promised to announce his next two projects while there, one of which is rumored to be a remake of his own film.

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