‘Captain America: Civil War’ Promo Art Teases Intense Battles

Civil War art

Before you ask, no, Spider-Man is not in it. But despite Marvel STILL holding out on our first look at the webslinger’s triumphant homecoming, this new piece of promo art for Captain America: Civil War is still pretty sweet, teasing some intense superhero battles in the upcoming Marvel blockbuster.

The new art shows Cap, Falcon, Ant-Man, Iron Man and all the other principal heroes of the film (no Scarlet Witch, though, unless she’s hiding behind the logo) squaring off for what looks like the kind of dust-up that leaves anything even remotely explodable in a one-mile radius in tiny bits. We’ve previously seen this same artwork splayed across mugs and other merchandise, but this is our first clear look.

It may not be much, but it should help tide us over until a new trailer hits.


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