‘Captain America: Civil War’ Trailer 2 – Welcome Home, Pete

Captain America Civil War

Captain America Civil War

After months of waiting, months of speculation, the second trailer for Captain America: Civil War has finally given us our first taste of what the Marvel Cinematic’s Universe’s Spider-Man will look like. Oh, and some more stuff about Captain America and Iron Man and all that. But how does Spidey look? In short, he looks like Spider-Man. And the internet is loving it.

The new trailer does a lot of things right. The focus remains on Cap and Tony’s relationship, the call for more government oversight over Cap and the Avengers, and the massive fallout that results. There’s still relatively little to be seen in the way of big, effects-heavy set-pieces, with much of the focus remaining on smaller hand-to-hand fights. Daniel Bruhl and Martin Freeman are still no-shows. For a trailer that shows us quite a bit (would have been nice for the Ant-Man-riding-an-arrow moment to remain a surprise) it’s still telling us relatively little. And that’s good. That keeps the anticipation high.

Now, as for Spider-Man. In what may become the most gif’d cinematic moment of the year, Spidey finally swings into the MCU in the closing moments of the trailer. It made me make a noise I’m not sure I’ve ever made before. Spidey’s MCU duds look almost right off of a Steve Ditko illustration, with smaller eyepieces (that somehow move, Deadpool style) and bright, popping colors. Aside from a few changes to the color layout, Spidey looks about as recognizable and iconic as you could hope for. I was afraid they’d dim down the colors. They didn’t. I was afraid they’d eschew spandex for something more armored looking. They didn’t. I was afraid they’d try too hard to distinguish him from the versions we’ve seen before. They didn’t. Spider-Man is finally in the MCU where he belongs, and he looks fantastic. Now let’s just hope the movie’s good.

Check out the new trailer for Captain America: Civil War below. Welcome to the party, Pete.

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