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‘Carrie’ and ‘Sisters’ – Sordid Cinema Podcast #68

Carrie podcast review

This week on Sordid Cinema, we rewind back to 1973 to discuss Sisters, a pulpy, Hitchcockian excursion into the subjects of voyeurism and sexual horror by then unknown director Brian DePalma. But first Ricky, Simon, Edgar and special guest, Beverly Brown of the Doctor Who Podcast, review Carrie, a landmark of cinematic horror that offers a terrifying look at high school cruelty.




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  1. John Presnall says

    Isn’t “conservative Christian mother” kind of an understatement in this case?

  2. Ricky says

    I will see the remake but we didn’t think it was worth reviewing on the podcast. We might mention it on further episodes in our week n review segment. We shall see.

  3. Augustine says

    You guys aren’t even gonna give the 2013 Remake a chance are you?

    1. Edgar Chaput says

      Neither the trailer or the cast has me excited. It looks like a flat, flat remake. I just opened a Netflix account, so many one day if it’s available on that platform…

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