Celebrity Inspired Vacations on a Budget

If you look at magazines and wish you could be basking on the beach like Beyonce, or sipping tea and nibbling crumpets in London like Taylor Swift.  You sigh and stare out the window, telling yourself only millionaires can achieve such lavish lifestyles.  Wrong! It’s totally possible to see the world on a budget.  Here are some vacation ideas for those of us who like to party like a celebrity, but pay like a coupon clipper.

Take a Cruise

Ok so you can’t have the yacht yet like Leonardo DiCaprio, but you can still get your hands on a big boat. Cruises are a great way to pack in multiple locations into one trip at an extremely low price. All the glamour for a much less glamorous price. For any destination you can possibly think of, there is a cruise that goes there. European cruises, Alaskan cruises, there are even river cruises in Russia.  One of the main perks of a cruise is, you get to see multiple destinations at a low price, but you still have the luxury of all the comforts of home traveling with you.  Cruises these days can have practically anything on them from Starbucks to full gyms and fitness classes, ice rinks, even carousels!!!  Park West Gallery, even offers live art auctions on many cruise ships. If that doesn’t say glamour, then I don’t know what does.

Go To a Destination In Your Own Country

When we think of vacations we always think of somewhere other than home, but sometimes a “staycation” is just what the doctor ordered.  There are vacation-worthy destinations in most countries.  Particularly the United States.  With a variety of environments from desert to tropical to snow capped mountains, you can pretty much take your pick of any sort of geographical quality in the world. So next time you get celebrity-envy see Paris Hilton sipping from an umbrella garnished cocktail in Ibiza, don’t despair.  Consider Miami is right in the neighborhood for a fraction of the price.

Sign Up For Travel Deal Updates

Last minute travel deals to star-studded celebrity locations are often marked down to a practically free price.  Many travel websites have email lists to sign up for cheap travel deals. Be the early bird who gets the worm by signing up for notifications and you never know where you could end up!

Find a Job Overseas

If you manage to find a job in the paradise location of your dreams, then you would be a local, and have all the perks of a celebrity destination, without actually having to pay for a vacation because you live there!  Living in the location of your dreams takes out all the hassle of saving, and even beats going on a vacation there. Your life becomes one big vacation! And even celebrities can’t say that!


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