Comic Con 2009: Avatar

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James Cameron’s 12-years-in-the-making, $250 million production appeared to deliver the goods and live up to the hype after a 25-minute screening of Avatar was greeted to a standing ovation on Thursday night.  At least in terms of the visuals, most agree that the sneak peek has displayed some of the most advanced CGI ever produced.  What was also notable is the way it was filmed;  the camera movements mimic a shaky, almost documentary-like approach.  Leaving a visual experience that is not only state of the art but unique as well.  Many are saying that the CGI world that Cameron and crew have created feels almost as if they “took a camera and placed it on another planet.”  The 3D effects,  for once, doesn’t draw attention to themselves, instead serving only to only enhance the experience.  The story centers around a paraplegic veteran sent to a planet called Pandora, which is inhabited by a humanoid race called the Na’vi.  The colonizing humans find themselves at odds with the planet’s indigenous population and all out war breaks out.  One critic likened it to a “Dances with Wolves in space.”  The film stars Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Giovanni Ribisi, and Star Trek‘s Zoe Saldana.


There were also some notable announcements about the film including free screenings on August 21st at IMAX screens around the world, as well as a teaser trailer set to be released in early next month.

Avatar toys have also made their debut for anyone excited about that stuff.


Here is a video of Avatar‘s panel discussion:


    This was the most fascinating movie i have ever seen its 3hours long and it was so good it only felt like an hour and a half I AM AVATARS BIGGEST FAN!!

  2. henri david says

    Avatar (2009) movie have been out standing and most of the movie fans are too likely to see this movie because it has come up with mind blowing adventure how ever I have seen this movie trailer to day and it was a good movie review coming alone with the trailer I think it was a good thing for movie fans of Avatar (2009) to find a trailer easily

  3. Myles says

    Actually, the idea was conceived 14 years ago and the script was written in 95, hence the ‘in the making’ comment.

  4. bp says

    this movie has not been 12 years in the making….it’s more like 4 years. Titanic came out 12 years ago so maybe that is where the confusion is.

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